I purchased this for my wife because she is always cold. She loves it. The battery pack isn’t big and bulky and inturn the run time isn’t super long as a result but still respectable. I like the ability to charge phones/ect. from the usb port on the battery pack. It’s light, water repellent and it has a hood. The hood was a big deal for me because if your cold or it’s rainy who wouldn’t want a hood right? The kids love turning her coat on for her because it has the light up mode indicator on the outside of the coat. This is noticeable if your running the high mode with red indicator, because she frequently gets asked “Is that a heated coat?”. Overall the coat is excellent and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a heated casual dress coat. If you work outside for a living I’d point you more towards the Milwaukee heated coat or something similar. —Tom Left a 5 Star review.

Just like the popular epic movie tells us ” WINTER IS ALMOST UPON US”, and I mean this quite literal, we need to prepare for the winter that is fast approaching, the best way I see fit is to get yourself a jacket with a built-in heater.

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I know what is probably running through your mind, it is one of those must-have clothing. Why don’t I tell you more about this jacket?
The heated softshell jackets have been making the rounds lately, made for both men and women it features some heating elements that can be found around the chest region and the mid-back area. It has a 3 levels temperature regulator.

You will find in the left side pocket the battery which powers the heater which can last up to 8 hours, this rechargeable pack battery can, however, be converted into a charger to power you Smartphone and other devices.

there have been mixed reviews as with many saying kudos as it works better than expected, however, there are some who say that the battery is “bulky”, There are a variety of heated apparels, even a pair of heated boots. I must tell you that this jacket is termed a “must have” I suggest you get yours now.


Jacket heats up really fast. If you tend to get cold easily when others aren’t, this jacket will serve you well. The jacket can be a lifesaver especially in conference rooms, movie theaters, grocery stores, and other places where it’s very cold.

Water and Wind Resistant: The jacket is wind and water resistant. Its lightweight design allows it to work in cool temperatures without needing to turn on the heater all the time.

Thin layer design: The thin design of the jacket allows you to wear another coat on top of it which helps to effectively conserve the heat since the jacket is not a full coat.


Battery Pack:  The battery pack is one of the major drawbacks for the product. The proprietary battery included with the jacket does not allow you to charge the battery with another charger unless you use the one that comes with the jacket. This can be a big issue especially if your USB cable gets damaged.

Standard USB cables and plugs won’t work. So, if you go on a trip and forget to take your charger along for the ride, the jacket becomes just another jacket in your bag.

With Just one proprietary port for charging and discharging, the charger uses a USB-A port for charging other devices only. The USB-A port cannot power the jacket nor accept an incoming charge. In the same vein, you cannot use a standard USB-A battery pack with more capacity to power your jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does battery last on Average?

The battery can last up to 10 hours.

Where is the charger located on the jacket?

The charger’s pocket is located on an inside pocket in the left lower corner

Is the jacket washable?

It is washable, the directions come with it.

Can you charge a cell phone from the battery in the jacket?

Yes. You can use it to charge your cell phone.

The battery specs say it is "cordless" but many of the answers mention unplugging the battery, so what is meant by "cordless?"

What it means is that, after charging, you can disconnect it from the charger and use it cordlessly.

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