This affordable lightweight baby stroller from baby brand is one of the best and most affordable strollers in the market. If you are a parent or caregiver looking for something comfortable in terms of handling and at the same time, something not too expensive or overpriced, this stroller is something you should definitely look at.

One of the best things about this stroller is how easily it can be transported, deployed and used without much effort.

Beyond the monetary aspect, of course, there are other concerns like how comfortable your child will be in it, how easily you can wipe your baby’s nose in record time without emptying the contents of your bag. This Baby stroller puts all those concerns to rest.

This stroller is very lightweight. It weighs around 13.23 pounds out of the 50 pounds maximum weight for strollers.

This stroller ranks number 3 in the lightweight category for baby strollers and number 34 in the baby strollers and accessories category as well (at the time this article was published).

The product’s hand grip is very comfortable and features a 5 point harness system. It also comes with a large storage basket at the back. You can easily throw in your baby tools (lol) and accessories in there so they can be easily reached. Furthermore, the stroller comes in-built with 2 cup holders. This can be used to hold liquids.

The stroller also comes with a canopy to shield your child’s face from the rays of the sun.
The Stroller features dual foot activated brakes and is highly recommended for parents with children who can sit up unassisted up to 50 lbs and under 40″ tall.

Its reclining seats provide your child with the best possible way to relax and enjoy the stroll.

Tired of the stroll? Not to worry, the stroller can be easily folded and transported.

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Questions From Customers

Can I lock the front wheels? They keep turning

The front wheels have no locking device.

Does the stroller fold in half? Or how does it look when its folded up?

It folds in half vertically. You use your foot in the back to fold the rear legs in and up. Very easy. The rear wheels fold up to the handles. There is also an attached clasp that holds the rear legs to the front legs after the stroller is folded so it stays together and compact.

I’m short. As in 4-foot 10″ short. Will I be able to reach the handles without stretching?

The height of the Rocket Lightweight Stroller is approximately 40 inches.

Is it easy to take through airport security?

VERY. i bought it for travel and it works great. It folds and unfolds very easy. i am actually on my 6th trip with it and it makes things very easy

Is it for infants or toddlers? Or both?

It would not be for infants. The child needs to be able to sit upright and it doesn’t recline. This is a much better quality version of your standard 20 dollar umbrella stroller (which are worthless!). I love it.

Real Reviews From Customers

It’s perfect! Runs smooth – 5 Stars
It was so easy to assemble. I needed a stroller that I can use in the airport and this is more than perfect! I can’t wait to use it for our trip in December. —By ByKeiryon

Def should not say it reclines4 Stars
Overall I love the stroller. The description does make it seem like it reclines like a traditional stroller but it does not. In the photo it is in the recline stage. All it is is the rope in thr back tightens nothing lifts or lowers. —By Sallie

Straps are way too big3 Stars
This stroller is very lightweight and easy to push. My only problem is that my 11 month old is still too small for the straps. She is average weight and taller than most babies, so it is a bit disappointing that the straps fall off of her shoulders. —By markoon

Nice idea, disappointing reality2 Stars
TBought this looking for a step up from our cheap Babies’r’us umbrella stroller.

Very easy to assemble out of the box, frame seems sturdy, glides well/easy to push, and handles seemed tall enough for my 5’11” frame.

The parent organizer was seemingly made incorrectly. It appears that one side was sewn incorrectly/backwards so that the entire thing is twisted and surely would dump any contents (see image). Hoping this is an anomaly, but I expect better quality control at this price point. Also, though the frame seemed sturdy with its X design, it makes the under seat storage almost inaccessible (see image). The canopy is a joke — it looks just like the one that came with my $20 stroller, only with less functionality. It comes with Velcro straps (see images) to keep it from falling in the kid’s face, but that means no angle adjustment either…and from my experience with my existing stroller, 9 out of 10 times you will need to adjust that size canopy’s angle to get the sun out of the kid’s eyes.

Overall, I was disappointed with this stroller and didn’t see enough improvement over my $20 model to justify this price point. On a positive note, it was easy enough to deconstruct and pack up to return, which is free thanks to Amazon 🙂
By K.Andersonon

Damaged right out of the box 🙁1 Stars
It could be a great stroller, but like other reviews with similar situations of damaged parts right out of the box, mine came with a huge gash on the handle gripping area. Of course it will only get bigger (and sticky) as time goes on. I’ve sent an email and haven’t heard anything back. I will adjust the rating according to their willingness to resolve the issue. —By Amazon Customer

Handles are taller5 Stars
I needed a new stroller as my tall husband always pushed the regular umbrella stroller with one hand which drove me crazy (he claimed it was too short and uncomfortable to use both handles. I wanted to see if in fact this one is taller than regular umbrella strollers and thought this picture (excuse the kid mess) would be helpful to others. —By ByKali

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